Largely developed in Japan in a time when person vs person combat was used a method of hierachy between people. Martial Arts have grown into a wide variety of styles and techniques and often become victims of disputes between each other as to who best fits a situation or person. After achieveing my Black Belt in 1994 in the style of Shotokan Karate under Sensei's Ron Gibson and John Sylvester, Sho Shin Kai, England i decided to spend the next stage of my life immersing myself within several styles of fighting to better give me an idea of what was best practice. What i learned was that no one style has the answer for all situations and while each style had strengths, they also had weaknesses too. After almost a quarter of a century training in Martial Arts i have now developed the ultimate Martial Art. Combining the best of Karate, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Judo i am proud to present Total Martial Arts.


Karate translates from Japanese into 'Empty Hand'. Developed as a system of protecting farmers in Okinawa, Japan with limited weapons against tribal invaders. It is based upon powerful strikes with the hands, elbows, Knees and hands. 




Developed in the late 1800's Judo translates to the 'Gentle Way' and is based around controlling an opponents space and using sweeps and throws to secure a superior position on the ground.



Jiu Jitsu

The oldest form of Martial Arts to evolve from Japan and similarly to Judo translates to 'Gentle Art'. This system involves locks and chokes to bring about possiblities for victory against much larger and more powerful opponents.


A more western system of fighting which became very popular in Europe. Similarly to Karate it involves kicks, punches and elbows to achieve victory through strikes from range.



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